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We provide full architectural, design and management services involving all stages of the development process; concept development, pre-purchase, design, advice, project development, programming, contract administration and branding.

Our service stages follow the Royal Institute of British Architects 'work stages' A to M

A: Inception - initial meeting and assessment of site and project ideas.

B: Outline Design - developement of ideas into first drawn concepts, outline costings made.

C: Detail Design - Develop scheme with other essential consultantants such as structural engineer.

D: Final Design - Project achieves 'Design Freeze' and planning submission.

E, F, G: Authority approvals, Tenders - Building, Fire, Licensing approvals sought, construction drawings, suppliers and contractors tenders, contractual agreements.

H,J,K: Operations on site - Contract Administration of contractor, co-ordination of consultants and authorities during the building period, cost and time management.

L: Completion - Handover, manuals, authority signing of approvals.

M: Final accounts - Post completion period, final accounts and feedback.

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